At our facility, Paddla in Pampas, we are open all year round for paddling by SUP & Kayak. But in order for you to increase your safety margins when it is colder in the water, we also offer rental of dry suits.

The use of a dry suit for kayaking & SUP paddling is highly recommended as long as the water temperature is below 13 degrees.

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Size guide Dry suit

After testing most of the dry suits on the market and examining which one is best suited for rent, we have come to the conclusion that the suits from the Kokatat brand are the ones that hold the measure.

In our rental we mainly work with their model “Supernova Hydrus 2.5” and we have it in both women’s and men’s models.

Sizes Men

Sizes Women


Using a dry suit when kayaking or SUP will increase your safety when it is colder in the water. A dry suit acts as a waterproof shell that you wear outside your warming clothes (underwear, fleece sweater or similar) and should you fall into the water, the dry suit will keep you dry while the clothes underneath help insulate you from the cold in the water.
The greatness of the dry suit comes out after you get out of the water again, after which you can immediately continue with your paddling without being cold and wet, which you would have been with a wet suit or if you had not had a suit at all.
When using a dry suit for kayaking or SUP, keep in mind that the dry suit does not keep you warm by it self. So you need to dress properly under the suit. We usually recommend dressing for the water temperature under the dry suit and think of the dry suit as a rain jacket and a pair of rain pants.
There are lots of different dry suits and almost as many manufacturers of these. The dry suit we have chosen to have in our rental we call a “Semi-dry”, which means that it has latex cuffs in the wrists but a nicer neoprene cuff in the neck. This makes the dry suit more comfortable to wear, but neoprene cuffs will never be completely tight, which we are happy to be extra clear with and therefore call it Semi-dry.
All our dry suits also have a so-called “relief zipper”, which means that if the need arises, you can pee without having to take off your entire suit.
Neoprene shoes are also included when you rent a dry suit from us and they must be worn on top of the dry suit when you wear it to protect the fabric feet on the suit from wear.
Kokatat Supernova


Kokatat Supernova is a thin and flexible dry suit without a lot of unnecessary fuss. It is perfect for you who want to extend the season and get out even when the water gets colder.

We (and Kokatat) classify Supernova as a semi-dry suit. This is because it has a neoprene neck cuff. Neoprene cuffs are not as tightky fitting as latex, which is why we choose to call it “Semidry”. That said, this suit will still keep you dry and significantly increase your safety when paddling in colder waters.

With neoprene in the neck, you avoid the feeling of suffocation that can occur with
latex cuffs while the dry suit keeps you warm, safe and dry.

If you have plans to roll, surf or do a little more advanced sea paddling, we recommend that you ask for a suit with a latex cuff in the neck so that you are guaranteed to stay completely dry.